Payday: The Heist Game Review

Payday: The Heist Game Review

Payday the heist reviewPayday: The Heist is an awesome high energy game. If you want the thrill of robbing a bank, pulling off a diamond heist or trying to rescue a prisoner all while under a heavy assault from police and swat teams then you’ve got the right game.

Its an extremely objective based game that will keep your mind and hands moving constantly. Whether you’re starting up drills, rigging up C4 or just holding waves of cops off, there’s always something to keep the pressure on.

Payday is more of a co-op focused game with a single player option that just doesn’t compare. In the single player it’s a lot like the multiplayer with virtually no difference besides playing with AI that only follow you around watching your back. When you have three other people actually talking to you and taking on individual roles it makes an amazing difference. The game truly shines when you have a crew all working together to bring their own ability’s to the table to create an amazing unit.

Along with good teamwork you’ll also need great perks and weaponry. There are three different skill trees you can choose to level up based on your play style that unlock weapons and perks. The three trees are; Support, Sharpshooter and Assault. Each one are useful in their own right, so you could choose to alternate between each one and can also change which one you level up mid-game.

Each player can load up with different weapons, equipment, perks and group perks. Payday gives you some options here with guns like the Brenner 21, a LMG with a drum that will let you tear through cops without having to worry about ammo. There’s also trip mines you can use to cover objectives and your flanks so you can focus on other things safely. Plus, you just can’t forget about perks like tough skin that let you take even more damage so you can keep on going.

One thing that I haven’t seen too often in games are the group perks in Payday. The way the group perks work, when they are equipped it will effect everyone but you. It can make a difference if you take a little time before the match to work out who will have what. No point in having three people with the same one because the perks do not multiply or stack.

Hammer out the details like who will have the ammo and health or who will take hostages before you begin the match. Stay on the objectives to make sure things run smoothly and go in with a plan. The alternative,you can all go in guns blazing and just take things as they come, it all depends on preference. It can make your experience much better or worse depending on how you decide to go out and your own play style.

Between the multiple ways to play each level and different things to try,plus having over 140 different ranks to go through unlocking things there’s plenty to keep you entertained.  As many good things as there are, there’s a few bad as well. The controls can feel stiff and a bit unresponsive at times and sometimes the enemy spawn inside of walls where they cant be touched but can hurt you. The graphics are a little rough with some things but for $20, overall you can’t beat it.  Payday is an enjoyable game with no real problems that take away from the whole experience

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