Fat Princess Game Review

A picture of Fat Princess Game for Playstation

Fat Princess Game Review

Fat Princess is a vibrant, amusing, cheerful, and comedic multiplayer and co-op game. PlayStation definitely stepped up from expected multiplayers that are available today.  This game can be played with up to thirty-two players and has several game modes.  The main game play for Fat Princess revolves around the abduction of two cake-loving princesses in the midst of endless battle between the red and blue kingdoms.

In Fat Princess there are four different game modes besides the story mode, which has all four of them spread out into different levels of the story. They are Rescue the princess, Snatch-n-Grab, Team Deathmatch and Invasion.

In Rescue the Princess, you begin in your kingdom with the princess missing! You then must fight your way across the land into the blue kingdom’s territory and seize your kingdom’s princess. Then, you scurry back to the castle and place her on your kingdom’s throne to win.

Snatch-n-Grab is the mode where you kidnap the enemy’s princess and take her to your castles dungeon. You must do this three times before you have the victory.

The next game mode is Team Deathmatch. Here you have to slice and dice the competition. The first team to slash the enemies’ lives to zero takes the cake!

Throughout Invasion you will have to capture the outposts on the map to take control of the territory. You must have control of more than 50% of the territories to reduce the opposing team’s morale. The first team to have their morale down to zero lose.

Of course you have to have a cake break! There are pieces of cake lying around the map that you can pick up and take to the princess so she can get fat. But don’t worry there is actually a reason for doing so, the fatter she is the harder it is for the opposing team to carry her off. But if you’re trying to capture the opposing team’s princess and shes fat, never fear, just call for help from other players and it’ll be much easier to carry her.

Throughout the different modes you can play as a; Worker, Mage, Warrior, Archer, or Priest. You can also change what you are during the game by picking up hats at your castle, the enemy castle and from fallen friends or foes. So you don’t have to wait until you die to change units. Also any of the units can pick up cake to take to the princess or wood and iron to the outposts or castle.

The Workers mine iron and chop down trees to upgrade all of the units and siege weapons like ladders and catapults. After upgrading they can also have bombs to help out their fellow soldiers.

Mages or Wizards start off being able to use fire but once upgraded can use ice. They also have a medium to long range with their staff.

Next we have the Warriors. They are equipped with swords and a shield then spears. They are strong and mighty but their range is short, so they are wonderful for close combat.

The Archers are more long range and have bows and arrows. They also have a weapon that is like of an Elephant Gun which is pretty powerful. I would have to say that the Archers are my favorite though.

Priests are very good to have around seeing as you can be a White Priest, which can heal your friendly adversaries while battling the enemy. You can also be a Dark Priest, who can drain the competition’s health. With the Priest you can either drain or heal one by one or stand in the middle of a large group and have a wide range to take health or give it. But when in doubt you can always bash the enemy in the head with your staff.

The multiplayer mode really is enjoyable seeing as you can mess around with your friends or make new ones by just goofing off and having fun. I do have to say though, it seems that not a lot of people want to be the worker because they think its boring but actually they are a vital part in the game play such as upgrades. It seems like majority of the players out there are more focused on the kill or rescuing the princess instead of upgrading or gathering the resources for the upgrades. Being a team based strategy game its important to co-operate. It is hard to find other gamers that want to work together to save the princess or capture her and help build and protect the castle. Although that’s a problem with the players themselves,not the game. That’s really all I find wrong with the multiplayer.

Fat Princess also has incredible graphics to be such a simple game and you have customizable settings for your character that you unlock as you go. This game will keep you entertained for hours from the funny music to the different approaches you can take to make it more effective and enjoyable. Overall it’s a great game with a high replay value.   Definitely worth your time and money.

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