Tablet Review – iPad 4

iPad 4 Review

ipad 4 reviewSometimes, the newest isn’t always the best.  While the iPad 4 tablet reviews seem to all have the same opinion, there are some slight improvements.

The iPad 4 offers a boost in the Retina display area.  Internet browsing, movie playback and photo viewing are all dramatically improved from all other iPad versions.  It is however thicker and heavier than the iPad 2.

Here is what has to say about the iPad 4:

“The design of the new iPad 4 isn’t really anything different from the original duo from Apple’s tablet range. Actually, while we’re thinking about it, it looks almost identical to the iPad 2 – to the point you’d struggle to tell them apart when turned off.

However, in the hand, there’s a little bit of a difference, especially when it comes to the weight. The new iPad is nearly 60g heavier than the second iteration, and while it’s not terrible, it does add a little arm strain during a marathon movie session.”

The price is pretty hefty at $499 to over $1200 depending on the size of the memory and any included accessories.

All, in all, we believe that the iPad 4 has it’s benefits and it’s downsides.  If the best movie sessions, photo viewing and internet browsing experience is important to you, this tablet is the way to go.


According to CNet the ipad is hands down the best Tablet. Here’s what their review says in part:
“The good: The newest iPad’s faster A6X processor adds extra system speed and graphics power. Improved worldwide cellular compatibility makes the LTE model a more appealing proposition. And the iOS App Store remains best in class, with the widest selection.
The bad: The fourth-gen iPad is otherwise identical to its recent predecessor — same size, weight, and Retina screen. It’s heavy to hold in one hand, and most older accessories won’t work without investing in a pricey Lightning adapter.”

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Amazon Kindle Fire

Here is a what PC Magazine had to say about the Kindle Fire:
Gorgeous screen. Very easy to use. Amazon Prime members get lots of video and book content. Multi-user parental controls.
Rigidly locked to the Amazon ecosystem. Sluggish on occasion. Other tablets have more apps.
The 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD is a great way to consume your Amazon content on a small screen, but it’s not the fastest or most flexible $200 tablet any more.”

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Google Nexus Review

PC Magazine has some suprisingly good things to say about the Google Tablet:

Fast. Well-built. Excellent battery life. Well worth the money.
Very limited storage. Google Play media store doesn’t quite work. No HDMI or MHL to connect the tablet to HDTVs.
Google and Asus smack it out of the park with the Nexus 7, a terrific small-screen tablet that’s an incredible value at $200.

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Microsoft Surface RT Tablet

A very comprehensive review of the 2012 Microsoft Surface RT tablet and Touch Cover. The Surface is running Windows RT / Windows 8 and comes with Office 2013 including Word 2013 and in this video Duncan compares it vs iPad 4 and Nexus 7 / Nexus 10.