Plants VS Zombies Game Review

Plants vs Zombies Game Review

A review of Plants VS Zombies Game

Plants vs Zombies is one of my personal favorites. Pop cap, one of the leading game developers and publishers, has now produced their first tower defense game. Plants vs zombies is truly an addictive game, from it’s charming little characters and multiple game modes to its quaint zen garden.

In this game zombies are trying to invade your yard and home with your garden being your defense against these brain crazed cannibals. The plants that you’ll be using are just adorable with amusing stats and comments about their job. These include but not limited to; Repeater, they shoot two green peas at the zombies, Walnut, who are used as barriers to ward off the enemy and lastly we have the Sunflower which spit out sun to put more plants out to help defend your house. Plants vs Zombies is a strategy game so you have to remember to place the plants in strategic places for better results. As for the zombies, they are just a hoot with their different costumes and profiles. I think the Disco zombie is possibly my favorite out of all of them but I wont tell too much about the other zombies.

Unlike most tower defense games there isn’t a certain path the zombies follow towards your home. The yard has six rows and zombies shuffle at moderate speeds into your yard. They never cross into other lanes but they will come in hordes on each lane. It’s a very simple concept but when you first play Plants vs Zombies you may find it to be too laid back. But the real draw here is the incredible variety of plants and zombies. There are 48 kinds of plants with numerous offensive, defensive, and production capabilities, and 26 different zombies. After finishing each level in the game you will unlock a new plant or item to add to your arsenal. These constant rewards really keep you involved and will have you saying ” I’ll be there in a minute. Just one more level! ” long after you thought there wasn’t much to the game.

At the start of each round you can pick which seeds to take into battle. Although you can only take a certain amount plants with you, but you can go to the store and buy more slots so that you’ll be able to take a few more. Plus, as you go through the game you will gain more slots. With such an assortment of abilities and resource demands, half the battle is in picking effective weapons. The array of choices means you can customize your strategy and confront the undead on your own terms.

There are also the mini-games, puzzles, survival and co-op games to think about. If you’re a fan of Bejeweled they have a mini game that has the same principles as it but with plants instead of jewels. Another mini that’s cool is Walnut Bowling. This is where you roll walnuts and explosive walnuts down the row and try to hit as many zombies as you can with one. Co-op is a lot of fun too. You and your partner get to have your own slots, four each, and both of you setup a strategy on what types of plants you should bring, defensive or offensive, and where to place them. Survival is when you have to ward off wave after wave of the undead to survive as long as possible.

Along with the unique characters and different game play, Pop Cap put in different environments. So you could either be on the roof potting plants with the Bungee zombies or watch your lovely yard at night be over run with thick fog. But all in all I believe Plants vs Zombies is an outstanding video game with tons baffling amazement to be seen. Even if you’re not the type of gamer to play strategy games, this one should be an exception because it’s just so entertaining and amusing.

Payday: The Heist Game Review

Payday: The Heist Game Review

Payday the heist reviewPayday: The Heist is an awesome high energy game. If you want the thrill of robbing a bank, pulling off a diamond heist or trying to rescue a prisoner all while under a heavy assault from police and swat teams then you’ve got the right game.

Its an extremely objective based game that will keep your mind and hands moving constantly. Whether you’re starting up drills, rigging up C4 or just holding waves of cops off, there’s always something to keep the pressure on.

Payday is more of a co-op focused game with a single player option that just doesn’t compare. In the single player it’s a lot like the multiplayer with virtually no difference besides playing with AI that only follow you around watching your back. When you have three other people actually talking to you and taking on individual roles it makes an amazing difference. The game truly shines when you have a crew all working together to bring their own ability’s to the table to create an amazing unit.

Along with good teamwork you’ll also need great perks and weaponry. There are three different skill trees you can choose to level up based on your play style that unlock weapons and perks. The three trees are; Support, Sharpshooter and Assault. Each one are useful in their own right, so you could choose to alternate between each one and can also change which one you level up mid-game.

Each player can load up with different weapons, equipment, perks and group perks. Payday gives you some options here with guns like the Brenner 21, a LMG with a drum that will let you tear through cops without having to worry about ammo. There’s also trip mines you can use to cover objectives and your flanks so you can focus on other things safely. Plus, you just can’t forget about perks like tough skin that let you take even more damage so you can keep on going.

One thing that I haven’t seen too often in games are the group perks in Payday. The way the group perks work, when they are equipped it will effect everyone but you. It can make a difference if you take a little time before the match to work out who will have what. No point in having three people with the same one because the perks do not multiply or stack.

Hammer out the details like who will have the ammo and health or who will take hostages before you begin the match. Stay on the objectives to make sure things run smoothly and go in with a plan. The alternative,you can all go in guns blazing and just take things as they come, it all depends on preference. It can make your experience much better or worse depending on how you decide to go out and your own play style.

Between the multiple ways to play each level and different things to try,plus having over 140 different ranks to go through unlocking things there’s plenty to keep you entertained.  As many good things as there are, there’s a few bad as well. The controls can feel stiff and a bit unresponsive at times and sometimes the enemy spawn inside of walls where they cant be touched but can hurt you. The graphics are a little rough with some things but for $20, overall you can’t beat it.  Payday is an enjoyable game with no real problems that take away from the whole experience

Fat Princess Game Review

A picture of Fat Princess Game for Playstation

Fat Princess Game Review

Fat Princess is a vibrant, amusing, cheerful, and comedic multiplayer and co-op game. PlayStation definitely stepped up from expected multiplayers that are available today.  This game can be played with up to thirty-two players and has several game modes.  The main game play for Fat Princess revolves around the abduction of two cake-loving princesses in the midst of endless battle between the red and blue kingdoms.

In Fat Princess there are four different game modes besides the story mode, which has all four of them spread out into different levels of the story. They are Rescue the princess, Snatch-n-Grab, Team Deathmatch and Invasion.

In Rescue the Princess, you begin in your kingdom with the princess missing! You then must fight your way across the land into the blue kingdom’s territory and seize your kingdom’s princess. Then, you scurry back to the castle and place her on your kingdom’s throne to win.

Snatch-n-Grab is the mode where you kidnap the enemy’s princess and take her to your castles dungeon. You must do this three times before you have the victory.

The next game mode is Team Deathmatch. Here you have to slice and dice the competition. The first team to slash the enemies’ lives to zero takes the cake!

Throughout Invasion you will have to capture the outposts on the map to take control of the territory. You must have control of more than 50% of the territories to reduce the opposing team’s morale. The first team to have their morale down to zero lose.

Of course you have to have a cake break! There are pieces of cake lying around the map that you can pick up and take to the princess so she can get fat. But don’t worry there is actually a reason for doing so, the fatter she is the harder it is for the opposing team to carry her off. But if you’re trying to capture the opposing team’s princess and shes fat, never fear, just call for help from other players and it’ll be much easier to carry her.

Throughout the different modes you can play as a; Worker, Mage, Warrior, Archer, or Priest. You can also change what you are during the game by picking up hats at your castle, the enemy castle and from fallen friends or foes. So you don’t have to wait until you die to change units. Also any of the units can pick up cake to take to the princess or wood and iron to the outposts or castle.

The Workers mine iron and chop down trees to upgrade all of the units and siege weapons like ladders and catapults. After upgrading they can also have bombs to help out their fellow soldiers.

Mages or Wizards start off being able to use fire but once upgraded can use ice. They also have a medium to long range with their staff.

Next we have the Warriors. They are equipped with swords and a shield then spears. They are strong and mighty but their range is short, so they are wonderful for close combat.

The Archers are more long range and have bows and arrows. They also have a weapon that is like of an Elephant Gun which is pretty powerful. I would have to say that the Archers are my favorite though.

Priests are very good to have around seeing as you can be a White Priest, which can heal your friendly adversaries while battling the enemy. You can also be a Dark Priest, who can drain the competition’s health. With the Priest you can either drain or heal one by one or stand in the middle of a large group and have a wide range to take health or give it. But when in doubt you can always bash the enemy in the head with your staff.

The multiplayer mode really is enjoyable seeing as you can mess around with your friends or make new ones by just goofing off and having fun. I do have to say though, it seems that not a lot of people want to be the worker because they think its boring but actually they are a vital part in the game play such as upgrades. It seems like majority of the players out there are more focused on the kill or rescuing the princess instead of upgrading or gathering the resources for the upgrades. Being a team based strategy game its important to co-operate. It is hard to find other gamers that want to work together to save the princess or capture her and help build and protect the castle. Although that’s a problem with the players themselves,not the game. That’s really all I find wrong with the multiplayer.

Fat Princess also has incredible graphics to be such a simple game and you have customizable settings for your character that you unlock as you go. This game will keep you entertained for hours from the funny music to the different approaches you can take to make it more effective and enjoyable. Overall it’s a great game with a high replay value.   Definitely worth your time and money.

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