Breakthrough Vision Offer Review


Can you imagine life without your eyesight? Our sense of sight helps us recognize the various dangers in our surroundings. Life is more enjoyable if we can see how beautiful the world is. However, some of us suffer from visual problems no matter how much we try to take good care of our eyes. When visual problems happen, can we restore our eyesight back to near perfection?

Dr. Benjamin Miller, a neurologist by training claims that there is a method that can restore vision for the nearsighted and the farsighted. He created Breakthrough Vision Offer, a method that claims to improve a -6.25 or worse vision to near 20/20 vision without surgeries and without having glasses or contact lenses.

Facts about the Breakthrough Vision Offer

  • Dr. Miller’s method only takes less than 15 minutes a day in a span of 3 weeks to get a near perfect vision.
  • The method has already helped 14,450 people.
  • People of all ages can use this method.
  • Many people have been skeptical about this vision restoration method at first but those who have tried have seen positive results within a month.

The Origin of the Method

Dr. Miller’s father was a well-respected ophthalmologist. During his time, he had patients with visual impairments that were getting worse and it was troubling for him. Due to his confusion, he spent time researching about the matter in the University of Texas’ Medical Library after work. One night in June 1982, he read the writings of Dr. William Bates, an eye doctor in the 20th century. According to Bates Method, regular eye exercises can help improve one’s vision and reduce myopia.

 The Bates Method is based on 3 ideas:

  1. The eyeballs are surrounded by muscles which controls a person’s ability to see.
  2. The muscles around the eyeballs are constantly tense.
  3. Relaxation techniques can alleviate strain on the eyesight, improve the ability of the eyeballs to focus and improve vision.

The flaws on Bates Method:

  1. A large portion of Bates’ eye exercises are based on a belief that the eyeballs change shape, which is not true. This means that the exercises in Bates Method are not effective and they are potentially dangerous.
  2. The method assumes that the thickness of the sclera can be increased to achieve a better vision but it is impossible according to the modern science.
  3. The exercises in this method are developed for those who have nearsightedness only and not for those who have astigmatism or farsightedness.

Dr. Miller’s father theory:

  • A weak or strong vision can be defined by the eye’s muscle tissue.
  • Since the muscles around the eyes are similar to the muscles of the arms that get stronger when lifting weights regularly, the eye’s muscle tissue must be exercised daily to improve vision as well.
  • If the eye muscles are not exercised, they will get weak over time.

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