Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review

Blue Buffalo Dog Food reviewBlue Buffalo Dog Food Review

Blue Buffalo is advertised as a healthier natural alternative to most dog foods on the market today.  Most dog foods contain mostly fillers and are considered fattening and unhealthy for dogs according to the Blue Buffalo standard.  Here is what Blue Buffalo says on their website

“A natural and balanced combination of high quality proteins, grains, and vegetables is the best way to provide your dog with all the essential vitamins and nutrients she needs. That is why Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food is specially formulated to address all areas of your dog’s health. Natural dog food ingredients like real chicken and brown rice (no by-products or substitutes in this mix) make this blend both nutritious and delicious. Dogs absolutely love the natural chicken flavor of this premium dry dog food, which appeals to even the pickiest and most sensitive eaters. Every bite of this tasty blend gives your four-legged friend a nutrient-rich serving of protein, grains and garden veggies.”

One would think that this is a quality product and would be great for their dog.  But after reading some reviews from Amazon and other websites, it receives mixed reviews.

Craig, a Blue Buffalo customer posted this on

“Blue Buffalo Small Breed Life Source Bits – Our dog got very sick on this brand. She puked 15 times, would not move or eat for 3 days, and had to be hand fed back to health. Ironically, I saw the Blue Buffalo representative at Petco and gave him an earful. However, he did not seem to care! It’s a garbage product, and they’re a garbage company!”

While this dog food does have good reviews and people saying they saw a change in their dog’s behavior for the best, a good amount of the consumer reports seem to be negative.  This may be due to the sudden change of dog food as well.  When a dog is used to eating a certain brand of dog food and then a new food is introduced without blending, sometimes this can have adverse effects.  When transitioning a dog from one food brand to another, you should always mix the dog food for a few days and then slowly transition to the new brand.  If you make a sudden change it can cause constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, vomiting and other intestinal upsets.  Always slowly transition your dog into a new food.

Here is a review from that is quite different from the Consumer Affairs review:

“My dogs have been raised on Blue. It is all I will feed them because of quality, ingredients, method of cooking (cold-formed bits), and smell/flavor.
I do keep it in an airtight container so it stays fresh longer but I recommend you buy the size that will last a month or so. After a month of being open, it loses it’s ‘oomph’. The food is still good, but it won’t smell as strongly (I’m not sure how smell and flavor diminish but I know every time we open a new bag my dogs act very happy and jump around)

I have two doxies, one is 10 lbs and one is 8 lbs. This bag lasts me a month and I feed them each 3 oz. a day.”

We give this dog food 3 out of 5 stars since there are lots of mixed reviews and it may not hold up to the hype.

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